DX-Cluster like WSJT-X integration

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DX-Cluster like WSJT-X integration

Post by G7SAI » 10 Apr 2019, 11:12


It would be useful to have DX Cluster-like functionality in a WSJTX integration.

The user story would be:

Open WSJT-X and set up with rig,
in Log4OM, select the WSJT-X integration tab and set up filters/highlighting (worked/worked on band/ worked band/mode)
Received CQ calls are listed in a grid with CQ text, Grid, DXCC, LOTW/eqsl status, Distance, dB, DT, freq time, etc
Clicking on a entry displays it in the logging section and starts QSO.
When a QSO completes, notification from WSJT-X is combined with anything entered locally and log entry is added.

Lookups in Log4OM should be the most accurate because it should be the canonical log for the station.

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