New Data Skimmer

Regarding connecting to external program's.
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New Data Skimmer

Post by G4POP » 21 Jan 2013, 17:58

I noticed in my DXCC newsletter this month that Roger G3LDI in his RTTY column
referred to a new "Skimmer" but unlike CW Skimmer that we all know, and either
love or hate, this one is a Digital skimmer!

While still in development the initial release is very impressive and can be
downloaded FREE from ... ckskimmer/

This is a quote from the website....

"RCKskimmer is able to search for digital signals (RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, ...) in a
FFT-spectrum of a standard receiver like K3, FT1000x, ... or a SDR receiver with
a NF-connection to the soundcard of the PC by using the MMVARI module. All bands
and frequencies can be scanned in a row.

All callsigns with CQ, QRZ, DE or TEST will be detected and listed with exactly
mark-frequency by using the OmniRig Transceiver Control by VE3NEA, thanks Alex.

The callsigns are posted in real time to the RCK - Digital-Cluster-System what
is specially designed for RCKskimmer and accessable for everyone and the spots
are going also to the network."

Walter's cluster at we can use in LOG4OM and set
the usual filters etc. with the advantage that it only shows digital spots.

Because the sofware uses Omnirig it is possible to run RCKskimmer, MixW and
LOG4OM all at the same time and all displaying the frequency, band and mode that
the rig is tuned to.

To do this you must start the programs in a specific order as follows...


Clearly all three programs must be using Omnirig to interface with the radio.


73 Terry G4POP
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: New Data Skimmer

Post by VK7XX » 24 Jan 2013, 04:17

Great information, thanks Terry. I had no idea that this existed and, am downloading as I type this message.


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Re: New Data Skimmer

Post by DF1LX » 24 Jan 2013, 11:33

Yes a great tool - I use it since 2 or 3 month - some challenges if you use N1MM - but if you use AB5K Cluster the Spots are seen here too and can be filtered (client software for AR Cluster from AB5K is supported now from Log4OM)
Greetings and CW for ever

Peter DF1LX

see u on the band

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