Need help with Win4K3Suite

Regarding connecting to external program's.
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Need help with Win4K3Suite

Post by K7ZOV_Harry » 31 May 2014, 03:35

I use Win4K3Suite for radio control for my K3 and KX3. My question is dealing with the K3 version. I have gone to setting and setup a auto start for Log4OM. I have set the CAT up in the Log program for the K3+Baud+Port. It all looks good. I have set the 3rd party to start the Log program and spotting to auto boot and it does.... That is I can start Win43K and once it is booted up then Log4Om comes on. The problem is, the Log program is not linked. I can click on a spot, The log programs grabs it but the radio does not tune nor does the Win4K3 re-tune to the spot freq. I know I am close, but not close enough. I would greatly appreciated some help. Shortly I will go read some of the other nice peoples questions and see if I see something similar that I am missing. In the meantime I would appreciate some ideas. Thank you

73 Harry K7ZOV

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Re: Need help with Win4K3Suite

Post by G4POP » 31 May 2014, 06:21

If you connect Log4OM directly to your K3 without this Win4K3 software does everything work?

Also what version of Log4OM are you using and what Windows OS?

I don't think that you will find questions about this here because its the first time I have ever heard of Win4K3!, does Win4K3 have its own forum?

I just looked at Win4K3 and it appears to require a VSP emulator, have you set one up?

It might be a good idea to contact the people at Win4K3 that sold you the Win4K3 software for assistance also
73 Terry G4POP

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