Regarding connecting to external program's.
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Post by GW4BLE » 13 Aug 2014, 22:16

Hi Terry,

well......must say I'm intrigued by this.....

I've just been to the FLDIGI download site and doubly confirmed I have the latest release which (at time of posting this) shows 3.21.83.

The online documentation clearly details use of the 'QSY' button (and the screen grab on the opening page of the manual shows it as being there), so I'm curious as to why your version is different. Why would the operation of the buttons have changed? It's certainly not mentioned in the release notes.

Just to reiterate, 'center display on signal' and 'center in pass band' are two different functions.


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Post by DF5WW » 14 Aug 2014, 08:09

Sorry, my mistake. Looks like i´m totally blind :D :D The QSY button is there but i´ve not seen him at the first sight so it´s greyed out and nearly "invisible" ..... ;) ;) Could not make any tests yet. I have to watching the hous of my neighbour. His litte son (7) is in the hospital since yesterday with "Menengitis" and i have to look to the dogs, the chicken and all the other animals there.

Will check the manual and make some tests if i have a bit more time ....

Sorry forgot the picture ... so "Edit" by DF5WW
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Post by W0FNQ » 15 Sep 2014, 20:35

I am having trouble getting FLDIGI to reflect the K3 frequency. I was able to get FLDIGI to work with the Rigcat and LP-Bridge. However when I tried the procedure described in the Log4OM manual, there is no communication of the frequency to FLDIGI. I am using a K3, Win 7-64, most current FLDIGI and Log4OM. I can go back to the RigCAT arrangement but would like to get the log communications working. Anyone have any ideas of what I might try?

Jack (W0FNQ)

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Post by W0FNQ » 15 Sep 2014, 21:02

Nevermind -- found the problem -- forgot to check send Frequency to FLDIGI in setup screen.


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