Externally keying a log entry window

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Externally keying a log entry window

Post by k2kxk » 17 Jul 2020, 21:18

Hi All. New to Log4OM and really like the look and functionality.

I am working on a project to interface spot information from my Flex 6500 Panadapter to the log. I am using native Flex technology to display cluster spots on the Panadapter. I have already developed code to hold aggregated spots by frequency, retaining the rest of the spot data (primarily call sign). Thus, when a user clicks a spot on the Panadapter display, I can generate a transaction with the stations call sign and frequency (and other data that was in the original spot). What I need to do is generate or populate a Log4OM entry window exactly the same as if the user clicked on a spot in the Log4OM Spots window. Then the user can proceed as normal to turn the antenna, add comments, etc. Is there any way to do this?

BTW, this approach simplifies (or eliminates) the interface between Log4OM and the radio because I already know the frequency of the station. Since the Flex can have several "slices" or receivers functioning simultaneously, this also eliminates the problem of which CAT port we are talking to. We only need to know the frequency to log so we don't care which slice it came from.

The alternative would be to duplicate a lot of functionality already in Log4om such as the qrz.com lookup, the antenna control and so forth and then assemble an ADIF record to send to Log4OM. This seems like a lot of wasted work.

BTW, if I get this working, I will make the code available to all.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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