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Post by G4POP » 14 Sep 2013, 08:53

The new SunSDR-MB1 is a standalone SDR transceiver with built in computer that can run Windows (Linux is the standard OS) so users could load Log4OM and any digital software directly into the transceiver - What great possibilities?

Software: ExpertSDR2 (own software)
Direct conversion in RX/TX mode, in HF/VHF bands
Frequency range 0-80MHz, 80-160MHz
Wide band spectrum panadapter up to 80MHz
Two independent receivers
Full duplix mode (in the future - software defined).
High dynamic range of receiver: up to 119-120dB in the HF, and up to 114dB in the VHF.
Output power, nominal: 125W(HF), 30W(VHF)
IMD3 DR of transmitter: about 30-40 dB
Reference 10 MHz input
Very small CW delay: 10ms
ADC sample rate: 160MHz
ADC resolution: 16 bit
SFDR receiver: 78-82 dB
DUC sample rate: 360MHz
DUC resolution: 14 bit
High perfomance 24 bit Audio Codec on board
Connect to PC: LAN/WLAN(Ethernet/WiFi 802.11 g/n)
Power supply: 12-15V 1A(RX)/5A(TX)/ 220V 1.5-2 A.
Size: 370x160x270mm
Weight: 10 Kg

Two VHF antenna connector(SO239)
Two HF antenna connectors(SO239)
Wide RF input port direct connect to high speed ADC(SMA)(for XVTRX, measurement etc.) (SMA)
Wide RF output port direct connect to DUC(SMA)(for XVTRX, measurement etc.)
RX Out, uses with external BPF, ATT, P.AMP and ADC IN. (SMA)
Reference 10MHz input connector(SMA)
WiFi antenna connectors for 801.11 g/n up to 300Mb/s WAN(SMA)
ALC input port(RCA)
PTT input port(JACK 6.3mm)
CW Key input port(JACK 6.3mm)
External Control port with 9 power switch and RS-485 interface(D-SUB-15)
External Control 2 port for Automotive whip antenna 9310 from Stealth Telecom.
Electret Microphone input(line)(JACK 6.3mm)
Dynamic Microphone input with PTT switch for MH-31(RJ-45)
Headphones output(line)(JACK 6.3mm)
Ethernet connector(RJ-45)
RS-232 connector(DB9)
MIC, LIN, Phone(Jack 3.5mm) - Embedded PC's sound card, for example, for Skype via your transceiver etc.
DC input 12-15V 5A / AC input 220 V 1.5-2A.
HDMI connector for external display.
2xUSB connectors.
"Ground" connector.

Approximate price:
Basic version: 2500 EURO (without options).
Full version: 3000 EURO (with WiFi, GPS, ATU)
ExpertSDR2(all updates) - is free.
Linux OS - is free.
Windows 7 Home Basic - 100 EUR
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73 Terry G4POP

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