QSL Card Update Process

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QSL Card Update Process

Post by Ray767 » 21 Jan 2021, 16:39

I am getting into the use of EQSL and LOTW but I have come up against a problem the answer to which is probably obvious or has been asked and explained previously.
The problem I have relates to paper QSL card confirmations. I have looked at the 2 videos on upload and updating QSL status.
I have QSL cards going back to 1995, the QSO information for these and all other contacts made from then and until now have been imported into LOG4OM.
I am now going through and updating the QSL card sent and received status, so for most of the old QSO's I have sent and also received a QSL card. However when I go to upload this QSO to LOTW (which I have manually updated as both sent and received) I get a popup saying that the qso cannot be uploaded. I have successfully uploaded other old QSO's where they do not have a QSL card without a problem.
I have more recent QSO's which I intend to upload where the QSL status will alter when I send a card and when I receive a card - so possibly 3 updates to the QSO, so I am anticipating the same problem trying to upload ?
I am aware that for DXCC etc., I may need to have them Validated before they can accepted for DXCC.

I hope you can help - if there is an explanation video or text for this, please can you point me in the right direction (I have read the manual but I cannot find the process for the problem I have)


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