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Re: Log4OM offline

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I use SDR consul with Omnirig and Log4om every day but until the Swiss guy fixes his version of Omnirig it won't work with Log4om you must use 1.19 version of Omnirig
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Re: Log4OM offline

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DF5WW wrote: 30 Aug 2020, 19:30 Have you tried "Start CAT" in the "Connect" Tab ? That should start Omnirig if it´s not started by Log4OM.
Does not make sense to open Omnirig in the Omnirig folder or via Icon. It only opens the transceiver
setup of Omnirig, the main software runs in the background and is not visible except in Task Manager of
Alex advised that if I want to keep Omnirig running and have to close it manually was to open omni-rig manually. I think on thing that helps is to start the radio before booting otherwise even though the rig's cat port always shows, progs cannot see it.
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Re: Log4OM offline

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HDSDR v2.81 (beta) now supports v1 of OmniRig and not just v2. At last I can use HDSDR with CAT along with Log4OM2 (I lost this ability after a laptop rebuild and losing the older working version of HDSDR). :D
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