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[SOLVED 2.2] CAT external rigctld with Yaesu FT-450D

Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 12:14
by is0gvh
Hi all,
first message in this forum.

Many thanks, Daniele for all the work on v2.
On first approach it seems that there are different new features and a better interface. I just don't like too much new high-contrast colors, but it just requires a little bit of time to get used.

My first "big" problem is the integration with CAT.
I'm using an Yaesu FT-450D with an external instance of rigctl, which is well supported and works fine with other softwares, including Log4OM v1.

Looking at the CAT config window, there are no "Connect" and "Disconnect" buttons for the TCP Connection.
I checked the "Connect to active daemon" checkbox and tried to click on Start button, with real time log window opened and debug level set to Trace:

Code: Select all

2020-01-18 11:55:08.8160 INFO:        [#=z$8ulQ3estrHuZcU9TQ==] : Starting Hamlib service 
2020-01-18 11:55:08.8160 TRACE:       [CatManagementHub][#=zBD2DLRYhjfYp6GOFGCQ2kBI=] : CAT CONNECTED: False Timeout: False 
2020-01-18 11:55:08.8472 INFO:        [ProgramStorage] : [CAT STATUS CHANGED] Running: False 
2020-01-18 11:55:10.9098 TRACE:       [CatManagementHub][#=zBD2DLRYhjfYp6GOFGCQ2kBI=] : CAT CONNECTED: True Timeout: False 
2020-01-18 11:55:10.9255 INFO:        [ProgramStorage] : [CAT STATUS CHANGED] Running: True
As you can see, in first step it says "CAT CONNECTED: False", then after few seconds, it says "CAT CONNECTED: True". After that, the main interface has a green signal in Cat Status indicator, but no frequency can be read on top. Frequency indicator says OFFLINE.
In rigctld output I can see that Log4OM is connected when I click on START button. In the same way, when I click on STOP button I can see the disconnection.

@Daniele, please let me know if you need other infos or if you need some particular actions before sending a help request from the software.


Re: CAT external rigctld with Yaesu FT-450D

Posted: 26 Jan 2020, 23:40
by is0gvh
Starting from version everything seems working fine.