Error in uploading SAT mode in

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Error in uploading SAT mode in

Post by 4Z1ZV » 30 May 2020, 21:27

Loading QSOs using QSL manager to eQSL - PROP_MODE, SAT_NAME and SAT_MODE are not loaded.

However, generating standard ADIF and uploading it to eQSL - is OK.

Use to work OK in older releases.

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Re: Error in uploading SAT mode in

Post by nn3rp » 01 Jun 2020, 20:51

I think we have an issue somewhere and now I think is in the Log40M more so. Let me give my input as to why and I hope I am wrong.

I stopped automatically uploading to eQSL because of the issue you've notice. The QSOs don't get match to the InBox (eQSL).

Steps to make eQSL website see the QSOs properly:

1. I select a bunch of QSOs by highlight them from the Recent QSO's (F7) window
QSOs_Selected.jpg (105.78 KiB) Viewed 315 times
2. Right click any of them and choose "Selected to ADIF"
3. A window pops up requesting were to save the named file
4. Save the file wherever your logs are
5. One of the file entries look like this:
# Log4OM 2 by IW3HMH version
# created: Monday, June 01, 2020


<ADDRESS:54>214 Mcberney Road
Ny, 13778
United States <A_INDEX:5>4.000 <ANT_AZ:6>14.000 <ANT_EL:5>0.000 <STATE:2>NY <BAND:2>2m <BAND_RX:2>2m <CALL:5>N2SPI <CONT:2>NA <COUNTRY:13>United States <CNTY:8>Chenango <CQZ:1>5 <DISTANCE:7>398.480 <DXCC:3>291 <EQSL_QSLSDATE:8>20200601 <EQSL_QSL_RCVD:1>R <EQSL_QSL_SENT:1>Y <FREQ:10>145.675915 <FREQ_RX:10>145.675915 <GRIDSQUARE:6>FN22cj <ITUZ:1>8 <LOTW_QSLSDATE:8>20200601 <LOTW_QSL_RCVD:1>R <LOTW_QSL_SENT:1>Y <MODE:3>SSB <SUBMODE:3>USB <MY_CITY:10>Washington <MY_STATE:2>DC <MY_COUNTRY:13>United States <MY_CQ_ZONE:1>5 <MY_DXCC:3>291 <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>FM18lw <MY_ITU_ZONE:1>8 <MY_NAME:13>Rafael A Pena <MY_POSTAL_CODE:5>20010 <MY_RIG:9>Icom 9100 <MY_STATE:2>DC <MY_STREET:21>740 Kenyon Street, NW <NAME:12>Richard Crow <OPERATOR:5>NN3RP <OWNER_CALLSIGN:5>NN3RP <STATION_CALLSIGN:5>NN3RP <PROGRAMID:7>LOG4OM2 <PROGRAMVERSION:7> <QSL_RCVD:1>R <QSL_RCVD_VIA:1>E <QSL_SENT:1>R <QSL_SENT_VIA:1>E <QSO_COMPLETE:1>Y <QSO_DATE:8>20200601 <QSO_DATE_OFF:8>20200601 <QTH:6>Greene <RST_RCVD:2>59 <RST_SENT:2>59 <SAT_MODE:2>UV <SAT_NAME:5>XW-2A <SWL:1>N <TIME_OFF:6>132900 <TIME_ON:6>132900 <TX_PWR:7>100.000 <K_INDEX:5>1.000 <LAT:7>42.3958 <LON:8>-75.7917 <MY_LAT:7>38.9375 <MY_LON:8>-77.0417 <MY_ANTENNA:9>Satellite <PROP_MODE:3>SAT <QSO_RANDOM:1>Y <SFI:6>71.000 <QRZCOM_QSO_UPLOAD_DATE:8>20200601 <QRZCOM_QSO_UPLOAD_STATUS:1>Y <APP_L4ONG_SATELLITE_QSO:1>Y <APP_L4ONG_CONTEST:1>N <APP_L4ONG_QSO_CONFIRMATIONS:629>[{"CT":"QSL","S":"Requested","R":"Requested","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic"},{"CT":"EQSL","S":"Yes","R":"Requested","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic","SD":"2020-06-01T00:00:00Z"},{"CT":"LOTW","S":"Yes","R":"Requested","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic","SD":"2020-06-01T00:00:00Z"},{"CT":"QRZCOM","S":"Yes","R":"No","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic","SD":"2020-06-01T13:30:34.4393593Z"},{"CT":"HAMQTH","S":"Requested","R":"No","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic"},{"CT":"HRDLOG","S":"Requested","R":"No","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic"},{"CT":"CLUBLOG","S":"Requested","R":"No","SV":"Electronic","RV":"Electronic"}] <APP_L4ONG_QSO_AWARD_REFERENCES:223>[{"AC":"DXCC","R":"291","G":"NA","SUB":[],"GRA":[]},{"AC":"USA-CA","R":"NY-CHENANGO","SUB":[],"GRA":[]},{"AC":"WAC","R":"NA","SUB":[],"GRA":[]},{"AC":"WAS","R":"NY","SUB":[],"GRA":[]},{"AC":"WAZ","R":"5","SUB":[],"GRA":[]}] <EOR>

6. Go to eQSL and upload that file
7. The entries look Ok

Now the question is why automatic uploads does not do it right?
Rafael / NN3RP

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