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Awards V1 to V2

Post by CU3AA » 17 Jan 2020, 17:08

Hi Guys
I'm brand new on the forum and as Log4OM user as well.
I have some awards on V1 that I don't find on V2, as RDA or EURA, for instance.
My question is: is there a way of copying those V1 awards into V2 and all its information?
Thanks for your help
73 de CU3AA, Joao

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Re: Awards V1 to V2

Post by IW3HMH » 17 Jan 2020, 18:06

Hi Joao, we're in process of porting awards but we're not simply "copying pasting" them.
we're trying to update their lists, if applicable.
If you can point me to an updated reference list for them i will add in a day.

Obviously you can also create them and export as XML with the right click context menu. I'll be glad to check them and deploy for all users :)
User manual will help you on that amazing task
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH

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Re: Awards V1 to V2

Post by CU3AA » 18 Jan 2020, 13:47

Hi Daniele
Thanks for replying.
I didn't quite understand if all data I have on V1 can be saved and used on V2. For RDA, for instance, I have more then a thousand references worked. Will I have to update V2 manually?
I send you the latest RDA list.
73 de CU3AA, Joao
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Re: Awards V1 to V2

Post by I2AOX » 19 Jan 2020, 17:02

Ciao Daniele, complimenti la V2 è stupenda.....anch’io ho lo stesso problema dell’OM portoghese, nei collegamenti con stazioni russe non risulta disponibile in award RES. Il diploma RDA. Anche con le stazioni cinesi non è disponibile quello delle province cinesi. Le referenze di entrambi i diplomi sono presenti nei rispettivi diplomi in award management.
Grazie per l’aiuto. Aldo I2AOX

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Re: Awards V1 to V2

Post by F5SIB » 19 Jan 2020, 18:07

Hi all, Departments of France Award : DDFM V2 , I hope there is no errors
Thierry ... ew&id=2522
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Re: Awards V1 to V2

Post by F4BPO » 20 Jan 2020, 10:10

Also did the DDFM and DPF
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73 de Greg

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