Satellite mode - Bands & Offset - Wish List

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Satellite mode - Bands & Offset - Wish List

Post by 4Z1ZV » 18 Jan 2020, 22:45

First I would like to thank you for great job both on the "old" version and the new "2" version.

While we stat using last year the QO-100, Log4OM was one of the better option to support it with some setting.

I would like to take this opportunity and add some wishes that will dramatically improve the work experience to a fast growing QO-100 community (All Europe, Middle EAST, Africa, parts of South America, India, parts of China, even Antarctica...) :

Ease of configuration:
1. Add QO-100 to satelittes.csv file (I did it manually)
2. Add 3cm/13cm bands to bandplan_r1.xml file (I did it manually)
3. Add SX option to SAT MODE (I did it manually)
Ease of use:
4. Enable to lock and the s/w to remember the last selected satellite mode, for next restart
5. Enable separate offsets for Tx/Rx frequencies while NOT in SPLIT mode, so it will display and log the real frequency automatically
6. Add 13cm band to WORKED BEFORE matrix.

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