I have lost all of my QSO's - HELP!

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I have lost all of my QSO's - HELP!

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Firstly DONT PANIC! your QSO's are probably not lost and anyway if you set a backup then you can always fall back on that.

1. Read the 'EMERGENCIES' section of the user manual

2. Generally restoring the main configuration file will resolve the problem, dont use the most recent config backup go back a couple of days.

3. If restoring the config does not fix it then you will probably need to import a backup ADIF file

4. If you failed to set up backups there is a last ditch backup ADIF file in the C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LogOM2\Backup\historic folder.

5. If you stupidly disabled the 'Automatic backup on closure' action in the Program Configuration/program settings folder then your in deep trouble! if so ask for assistance on this forum.
73 Terry G4POP