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No lookup image displayed

Posted: 20 Jan 2020, 12:11
by G4POP
The bio image, and probably some data, from the online lookup provider is not displayed

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1. The user has not configured the lookup facility correctly in log4OM settings/program configuration/Info providers
2. User is an unpaid 'Ham Member' at QRZ - Data, including the image, is only available for paid XML subscribers.
3. The users XML subscription to QRZ has expired.
4. The station being looked up has not provided information and/or an image for his bio at QRZ
5. Incorrect user name or password entered at settings/program configuration/Info providers


1. Renew or subscribe to QRZ as a paid xml subscriber
2. Check login settings in the Log4OM config at settings/program configuration/Info providers
3. Use HamQTH as the primary lookup source