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Custer Management : Commands - Enter Key

Posted: 16 Feb 2020, 10:25
It would be nice if the Enter / Return key activated the Button associated with the line in which the control with the control that has the current focus. For example, if I've entered "sh/dx ka4cdn" into the Textbox to the right of the "Send Command" button, pressing Enter could be the same as clicking that button. Likewise, if the focus was on one of the fields on the "Send Spot" line, Enter would act as if the button was click. Etc.

PS - Please know that I am loving the new Log4OM and I hope I'm not sounding critical.

Re: Custer Management : Commands - Enter Key

Posted: 08 Mar 2020, 11:39
Still missing this in V2.4.0

V1 worked this way, Enter key sent the command. I know I've seen comments from the developers about how they like to use short cuts and key strokes vice mouse operations!

I'm almost ready to give up V1 100% for V2. 2.4.0 is looking great.


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