Locator all upper case?

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Locator all upper case?

Post by G1YBB » 18 Mar 2020, 13:39

I'm guessing this is not possible at the moment (love to be corrected!) but my OCD would like to see all 6 figure locators all upper case. When I import my contest QSOs and upload them, always upper case.
I note live QSO upload sents my locator with last two letters lower case. When I enter my details Log4OM forces those lower case regardless of what I type.
Be good to be able to choose preference.

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Re: Locator all upper case?

Post by DF5WW » 18 Mar 2020, 15:30

The correct Gridsuare uses lowercase letters after the numbers. ;) ;)
ADIF 3 standard is linking to this wikipedia if you hit Gridsquare at the ADIF site:

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Re: Locator all upper case?

Post by IW3HMH » 18 Mar 2020, 16:00

This is the "standard" format for gridsquare locator. What is the application that doesn't accept the lowercase?
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