Few ideas about cluster handling

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Few ideas about cluster handling

Post by sp9wpn » 22 Mar 2020, 22:04


I've just found some more time so I could safely transit to v2. I expected this to take a few days. Stupid me. It's just up, configured and running within an hour.

I like the refreshed look and improved performance. I'd also like to share some future development ideas from me. Some of them originated in v1, but it was not the time for them.

To make it easier for possible discussion, I'll split them in few group in separate topics. This (longest) one is about handling cluster data.

1. First is cluster filtering. Some other interface problems will be less disturbing if we have some advanced filtering available. Server-side filtering is too limited. For example, if I could exclude any spots within base FT8 frequency, the table will became less cluttered and bandmap will start to be readable.

2. Band map should follow cluster list filtering, with a button to quickly enable/disable filtering.

3. Band map should be scrollable by clicking and dragging it anywhere, not only using slider on the right. Also, to adopt methods from graphic software, mouse scroll should just scroll the map and Ctrl+scroll will adjust zoom level.

4. When cluster list is sorted by anything else than time, every new entry cause weird behaviour - table is unsorted for a fraction of second, then sorted again.

5. "Mode lock" and "Band lock" checkboxes are misleading - maybe name it "Follow VFO band/mode"?

6. Coloring of spots in cluster table is great and I'd love to see the same schema used main QSO window - eg. "New band/mode" would put an orange background on a callsign input. Example:

7. There is no option to send a spot after a QSO is made with a station - unless we retype the callsign again. A RMB click in recent QSO could contain such function.

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Re: Few ideas about cluster handling

Post by N4RF » 25 Mar 2020, 21:32

I have country/band/mode needed selected as light blue on the cluster. Good reliability for propagation is dark green. Of course, LoTW users have the time in red. I look for spots that have all three.

It would be very efficient to have a window or alarms for all spots that meet all 3 criteria. I am not sure how it could be done, but it would be very nice to have such a window or alarm.

Perhaps LoTW users is not important to some, so it could be selectable to just country/band/mode needed and propagation reliability or any combination of criteria.

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