QSL printing suggestions

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QSL printing suggestions

Post by sp9wpn » 22 Mar 2020, 22:29

My another topic is paper QSL printing - partly a copy-paste from my suggestions to v1 written in 2019. Most of them still stand!

1. Label sorting. I use label print feature for hand-writing my cards. Easy and simple to copy it from PDF. Labels or hand-written, I'd like (and my local QSL manager) my outgoing cards to be sorted by destination country main prefix. Of course, if sent to manager, managers country prefix should be used for sorting. So eg. first card is Z3AAA via BH1AAA (=BY), then TM1AAA (=F), then 3Z1AAA (=SP). If labels would be printed in such order, they pile of outgoing cards will be sorted automatically. Currently, sorting information is quite correctly only printed (last row of the label), but it still needs manual cards rearrangement afterwards.
BTW, there's great website tool "QBuS" with ultimate callsign-to-bureau assignments: http://www.qbus.uba.be/online/qbus-online.php

2. There are countries which do not have QSL bureaus (listed on IARU website). Log4OM could give a red warning when trying to print a bureau label to such country. This could be extended even for individual callsigns, eg. in Poland there's online list of callsigns which paid their membership and have access to the bureau. Perhaps other country managers would join here and provide data to save their work.

3. Slashed zeros in labels. Or at least give us a font selection, so we'll manage from there.

4. I prefer to put exact QRG on my cards instead of band information. Perhaps I'm not the only one and it's worth an option?


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Re: QSL printing suggestions

Post by CU3ED » 24 Mar 2020, 12:05


I do agree with all your suggestions and I also would like to add a few more.
- Option to select the measurements of the label design in cm (as is) or mm;
- Option to import and export labels, this way all users can contribute for everyone, in the forum or Facebook group, with there designs;
- Option to select the fields and position on the labels;
- The only output option is PDF, an option for XLS, would be great, because it would be possible to use mail merge in Office, with envelopes and QSL's already as templates.

All the best,


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Re: QSL printing suggestions

Post by CT1BXX » 25 Mar 2020, 09:30

Wojtek and David,

The ideas presented are very good and :idea: I share that same desire, however I imagine that it will be a task, that if carried out will be in the long term because there seem to be situations that deserve a certain priority, but I repeat I would like to see these features for the QSL impression, as you.
I speak personally, despite wanting some features, LOG4OM V2, reached a level that I have not yet found in other logs, I believe that in a near or long future , we will have great news ...
I am in that expectation.
Let´s wait ...
73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX

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