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Clublog uploads

Posted: 26 Jul 2021, 13:38
by G3ZSS
I was using N1MM during the IOTA contest last weekend and imported the ADIF logfile into Log4OM afterwards.
I observe that after closing the Log4OM application all my IOTA contest QSOs were uploaded to LOTW. However none of the QSOs get uploaded to ClubLog. I got around this by opening the QSL Manager and uploading all my QSOs to ClubLog, however it would be useful if there was somekind of facility to automatically ensure a full upload to Clublog after importing an ADIF file.

Re: Clublog uploads

Posted: 26 Jul 2021, 16:01
by G4POP
Why are you importing an ADIF file which from N1MM will have incomplete data, when we provide a special UDP interface which receives the logged QSO from N1MM in real time, updates the missing information and automatically uploads it to Clublog?

Re: Clublog uploads

Posted: 26 Jul 2021, 17:00
by F6EXV
Hi all
If I may, uploading QSOs in real time to ClubLog during a contest is not a very good idea.
First, it does not give chance to make any correction if needed.
Second, even though CL computers (and programs) are well designed, imagine if ll competitors would do the same : CL would become bezerk !

Just checking what the field for CL upload is after the adif import, just use the QSL manager , select those QSOs and upload ! That is easy, and only requires a few mouse bites !
For what it is worth.