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WWFF Award updates

Posted: 10 Jun 2020, 08:40
by OZ4MU
Thank you again for the great work with v2, very much appreciated!

One thing I cannot get to work, or maybe don't understand, is the updating of eg WWFF award.
The Program Scheduler is set for "Update awards" every 2 days 1 hour, but it seems nothing happens.
It is supposed to fetch, and use that for references.
But as far as I can see, the award is last updated 20/04/2020
If you fetch the CSV file manually, you can clearly see that it has newer references that does not show up in Log4OM

Any pointers ? :?

I am using v2.7.0

Re: WWFF Award updates

Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 13:15
by OZ4MU
So, updated to v2.8.0, looked into WWFF award, and it is OLD ....
If you look at the latest available .csv from, and find the highest number for DLFF, it is DLFF-0768
In the Log4OM award it is DLFF-0659

I must be missing something somewhere, but i really can't figure out what
ANY pointers welcome !

Re: WWFF Award updates

Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 14:29
by G4POP
Transferring this post to the AWARDS section where our awards manager Claus has a chance of seeing it

Re: WWFF Award updates

Posted: 03 Jul 2020, 17:47
Hi Thomas,

I have re-uploaded the WWFF award to the server. Can you please update your WWFF award and let me know if it works afterwards. The latest entry in Germany is DLFF-0768 (Naturschutzgebiet Nied).

Thanks and 73,

Re: WWFF Award updates

Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 09:33
by OZ4MU
Hi Claus,

after autoupdate via the Scheduler today, WWFF award for DLFF is current, very nice.

However, the count in WWFF award in Log4OM is 47093, the count in the latest csv from is 48043
So something is still a bit out of sync.

BUT, it is still a great step forward, so very much appreciated