Granted status - problem

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Granted status - problem

Post by 4x1zq » 21 Sep 2020, 10:13

1. Granted status not shown when selecting: DXCC - MIXED

2. Partial granted status is shown when selecting only DXCC and keeping "predefined config" blank.
What is the meaning of this status and it's statistics ?

3. For the convenience of research I suggest a separate granted status and statistics for deleted entities
instead of showing it all together with the active entities.

4. When selecting a certain granted flag on the award status page a window opens that contains a list of
contacts without marking the relevant row of the QSO that qualify for granted status.
You have to check all QSO'S on list in order to find the granted one.

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Re: Granted status - problem

Post by G4POP » 21 Sep 2020, 10:15

Moved to awards thread so that our awards manager sees you post
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: Granted status - problem

Post by OE6CLD » 29 Sep 2020, 17:06

Hi Avishay,

Can you please provide some more details regarding your issue? I checked my Mixed DXCC award status and everything shows up correctly.
DXCC_MIXED.jpg (233.31 KiB) Viewed 374 times

Is the granted status something you do manually or do you download it from LoTW?

Can you please check the granted status for one of the QSOs you expect to show up in the DXCC list? Double click on the QSO, click on the "Award Refs." tab and click on the DXCC entry on the left side. In the right "GRANTED" box you should see all the granted award credits checked.
DXCC_MIXED_Granted_Status.jpg (117.5 KiB) Viewed 374 times

For example, I verified my 80m SSB QSO with E30GA and I have the following granted boxes checked: DXCC, DXCC-5B, DXCC-80, DXCC-CHAL, DXCC-M and DXCC-PH.

ad 2) "Predifined config" allows you to switch between different awards (band/modes), e.g. for DXCC, for example, DXCC Challenge, 5-Band DXCC, Single-Band DXCC, CW/MIXED/DIGITAL DXCC etc. The QSO above for example shows up as GRANTED in 5-Band DXCC, 80m DXCC, DXCC Challenge, MIXED DXCC and Phone DXCC.

ad 3) If you deselect "Show only valid references" you will be able to see all deleted entities as well. They are color coded and easy to detect. The idea behind the award feature is, that ALL awards tracked by Log4OM are handled the same way. To show deleted entities only would require special code for the DXCC award.
DXCC_MIXED_deleted.jpg (227.16 KiB) Viewed 374 times

ad 4) I fully agree with you. I will add a feature request for this.


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