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Post by wb2bin » 17 Nov 2020, 16:41

I am using Log4OM version

Below is back and forth on Facebook to try and get an answer to my question. I ask here if there is anyone that is familar with this program willing to take a phone call to discuss. I have tried Greg's suggestion and I get some that say not confirmed and I know I have them confirmed on LOTW but again not a single list just going down individually but when I did deeper it shows that I do have it confirmed in LOTW. Thanks for your time.


I am still learning Log4OM. I have worked 113 countries and confirmed 104 via LOTW. Is there a filter combination in Award Status or Stats that will show me the 9 countries that I have worked and not received confirmation
I am sure that I just have not tried the right combination. I could do this individually if I knew the 9 but I don't

Statistics > LOTW > Band/s > Mode/s on the left, GREEN are confirmed YELLOW are not
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Greg Yates
Greg, thanks for your help.. I have tried exactly as you suggested. I drill down on a country that it says is not confirmed by LOTW and I get that I have it confirmed on certain bands. Example I have Australia confirmed on many bands but one band not and it comes up not confirmed. I have many of those and all I want is a list of the 9 countries that I not have confirmed on FT8. Also, can I print a list. Are you available by phone sometime? I can explain on the phone much better than I can here. I am sure I must not be doing something simple.
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Greg Clark
May I suggest that you take this question to the user forum for support? There you will have those that write the software review and answer your questions. FB is not the ideal.

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Post by DK9JC » 17 Nov 2020, 21:51

I tell you how I did it.

Country statistics (same as you did before) and then chose "Statistic view by" and mark LOTW only (top left box).

Then you see the green and yellow boxes. Leave green out and click you through any yellow ones.
Open the slots / bands with +. If there is one green you know you have at least one band confirmed and go to the next one. Do that with the other ones too. If you see yellow only that is one of the unconfirmed ones. With only 100 DXCC that should be done in less than 10 minutes. Sure not the perfect automated approach, but if worked for me faster that I could open a topic here. works only of course if you already downloaded your lotw confirmations before.

btw.: i don't think the name of the topic makes much sense.

73 de John DK9JC / AK9JC
73 de John, DK9JC (AK9JC stateside)

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Post by KI5IO » 18 Nov 2020, 03:25


I've moved your Topic to the Award Support portion of the Forum.

Claus may be able to better help you here.
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Post by OE6CLD » 20 Nov 2020, 12:22

Hi Greg,

I think the best way to proceed is to use the DXCC Award Status (View -> Award status - DXCC). Make sure your settings are similar to mine on the screenshot:

DXCC - Award Status.jpg
DXCC - Award Status.jpg (216.07 KiB) Viewed 413 times

Having checked "Show worked only" will show you all the 113 DXCC entities your currently worked. Boxes marked in blue (GRA) mean, that this band slot has been confirmed and granted by ARRL. Boxes in green (V) mean, that you have this confirmed in LoTW, but you have not applied for this contact. Boxes in orange (C) mean, that this contact has been confirmed by QSL card, but you have not validated this contact with a DXCC Card Checker. Boxes in grey (W) mean, this band slot has been worked, but you have not received any confirmation.

Clicking on any box will show you all the valid QSOs for this band slot. E.g. on the screenshot above I have worked Senegal on 40m, but have not received a confirmation yet. Clicking on the box will show all contacts, e.g.
DXCC - 6V 40m Worked.jpg
DXCC - 6V 40m Worked.jpg (33.97 KiB) Viewed 413 times
You can see that I have worked 6V7A on 40m, but it's not confirmed yet.

You easily can see all the 9 countries you have worked, but have not received confirmation.

If you want to see all countries not worked at all, remove the tick from "Show worked only". But, from my point of view, it's more useful to use the cluster. Any new/unworked DXCC entity will be color coded (see the manual for more details).

Hope this helps.


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