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Post by on6at » 24 Nov 2020, 15:44

Is it possible to include WLOTA as well?
WLOTA stands for World Lighthouse On The Air.
The list is very long and not available for import in LOG4om v2.

I asked the WLOTA team whether it is possible to send a list (CSV or txt).

Here's their answer:
Ho Patrick,
Hello, To date we are working with 2 logs namely:

- Luxlog from LX1NO and Swisslog.

These 2 logs have the list of WLOTA Lighthouses (more than 3500 references around the world and it is not finish) and are updated once or twice a year.

We cannot send the file with every Oms request because it takes a very long time.

However if the designers of Log4om ask us, we will respond favorably


Is it possible that someone from LOG4om team would ask this question so that the WLOTA list can also be found in LOG4OM v2?
73 Patrick ON6AT
Member UBA-IPA

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