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POTA for Dummies

Posted: 21 Dec 2020, 01:17
by nn1q
I sincerely apologize ahead. I am sure this is a newby question. I used Log4OM for the first time today to do a POTA activation. Spent 4 hours activating and now have spent 3 hours NOT being able to export my log appropriately showing my park. Yes, i read the manual. Yes I attempted to exucute a change to all my QSO's using the QSO Manager using POTA, K-0050 (Mammoth Cave KY). It says excuted. Then when I export to ADIF, and include nearly everything under the sun (including My_Sig, My_sig_info... the park info is not in the ADIF file anywhere. I used to export to notepad and manually enter the info but hoped not to have to do that with Log4OM. I'd love to add Park to Park (sig/ sig_inf0) but alas I cant even add the park yet.

So...if someone could send me to the Dummies page or forum or video I'd sincerely appreciate it. Again, I do apologize for not being able to piece this info together on the forums but I have read everything that has POTA associated with it and cannot piece together the steps (even tried manipulating the Awards manager but gave up quickly).


Re: POTA for Dummies

Posted: 21 Dec 2020, 01:42
by nn1q
I FIGURED IT OUT! One way... for the dummies that follow me...
1) Utilities/ QSO Manager/ Search QSO and CTRL A to select all the QSOs (or select the applicable ones)
2) Single Field Update: My_Sig and type in WWFF and click UPDATE
3) Single Field Update: My+Sig_Info and type in the POTA Identifier (i.e.: K-0050) and click UPDATE
4) Search QSO and select the QSO's to export in ADIF
5) Click Export Selected Fields: and for POTA you need, Call, Freq, Time, My_Sig, My_Sig_Info, Operator,RST sent/ Rec'd, Band and I think thats more than enough