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Log4OM V2 INTERNAL beta testing

Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 21:17
as planned, Log4OM V2 will begin internal beta testing in the first days of september.
This is the first step after restricted alpha testing, to start hardening the engine.

Many features are already working in V2, while some of them aren't ready yet, but we focused on main application core to have something useable by beta team during their daily activities.

V2 will support ADIF broadcast, as many other applications, and with recent V1 ADIF broadcast reading capabilities our beta team can work with V2 while keeping his logs safe on V1 instance. This is only one of the integration capabilities we're planning for Log4OM 2.

Users of V1 will hopefully feel comfortable with next major version, but many things changed (hopefully better and simpler) and you should be ready to get them. Log4OM has now a much clearer code structure, wired by internal events. This means less errors, less memory and CPU footprint, less code to be mantained and faster evolution of the code.

Log4OM new award system has been designed without any kind of specific code for specific awards. We don't have any single line of code dedicated to a specific award, DXCC included. Everything is configuration. We will reveal more about that in the next future...

A sneak preview...
Each award may work on 3 major categories.

A "Reference based" award is IOTA, lighthouses, castles and everything that has a reference to be exchanged. The usual award we all know.

QSO Fields
A "QSO Fields" award is based on values on a specific field of the QSO. WAS award, DXCC award are some of them. They will work on the relevant fields on the QSO itself. You can theoretically create an award that works (on a specific country / list of countries) with a predefined set of locators, automatically getting references from the QSO data itself, or use County, Zip code and any of the 100+ qso fields available.

A "Callsign based" award is an award that give points on callsigns (or part of them) from a predefined list. Work those 10 calls to achieve "Worked all F1 circuits in Europe 2019 Award" is now simple... Another example is the Worked all Mediterranean countries... Set EA*, I*, F* calls and Log4OM will automatically add references for each spanish, italian, french QSO...

Import of references will be extremely easy, so we will be really happy to receive user created awards to be added to our list :)

Best 73

Re: Log4OM V2 INTERNAL beta testing

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 18:20
Until today I have preferred not to harass you with useless questions. You must know that I have been looking forward to the V2 since you announced it. Thanks guys: your logbook is the best ever.

Re: Log4OM V2 INTERNAL beta testing

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 20:16
Grazie Max,
we're trying to make a good software that can support us during long hours calling alone ;)

Re: Log4OM V2 INTERNAL beta testing

Posted: 19 Sep 2019, 07:44
by F4BPO
Can't wait for V2... Been waiting for so long :)

Re: Log4OM V2 INTERNAL beta testing

Posted: 19 Sep 2019, 18:17
by W7DRM
It will be worth it! So many neat new features...