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H26 (or other regional) Award handling

Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 10:20
by hb9cat

My intent was to use Log4Om's Award functionality to check the status of a Swiss Award (H26); it is already defined by default in the customized awards (H26).

No record was shown initially, so I first worked on getting the Regional identifier (Swiss Canton) in the "State" field of the dB through ADIF, see this thread:

The Next step is specific to a Log4OM MySQL Database, I do not know if it works the same on a local database.

We need to populate the "QsoAward" field based on the required format: "H26@<canton ID>"; I did that through a MySQL statement applied through the QSO archive / Field update / Execute custom update query.
I entered the following MySQL statement:

UPDATE `log4om2`.`log` SET QsoAwards = CONCAT('H26@', State) WHERE (country="Switzerland") AND (state<>'');

In your case you may have to check if the MySQL Database name is different than "log4om2" I am using and change the above statement accordingly.

I can now use Log4OM's native H26 award statistics, see picture enclosed

Marco HB9CAT

Re: H26 (or other regional) Award handling

Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 11:33
Hi Marco,
good job. In future with V2 you can create an award and instruct it to search references in a specific database field.
As example you can configure the H26 award to monitor state field or address field and automatically extract references from there, if any.

Using that technique i was able to automatically fill (with a good percentage of success) my italian provinces award searching into the address for province code.

Is there a reference list for that award somewhere?

Re: H26 (or other regional) Award handling

Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 15:02
by hb9cat
Thanks Daniele,

interesting V2 functionality, looking forward to it.
I was just indeed considering the lookup as a next step: extract the regional identifier from data available from external databases ( for ex. zip code), or possibly also from the QTH locator (for 2m QSOs).

I'll check and let you know for the specific case of Switzerland.

Marco HB9CAT