V1.4.0.0 new install

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V1.4.0.0 new install

Post by vk2gib » 18 Jan 2020, 04:55

i folks... need some advice
I have used Log4Om for quite some time now (and love it).
I recently upgraded to WIN10 OS and reinstalled the version I knew (will go to V2 on advice)

My issue lays with MAYBE the Omnirig platform. Is this built by Log4OM , or just utilised by you?

In a nutshell , I have log4om controlling my Icom 7600 via usb via omnirig (com3)
From my 7600 remote jack (CIV) it cables to my SPE amp....which in turn sends band data to my Ultrabeam. Follow me so far???

I am having an issue where log40om and omnirig send the data to the rig perfectly (it seems) , however the reflection of this data in my rig is somewhat "astray" exported from the remote jack.
if i move my vfo manually , it tends to "catch up" and squawk data to my amp for control. If i dont touch the vfo , the rig stays idle where it was.

Eg.. Lets say im on 20m , rig , spe and ultrabeam.
I move to 40m , the rig will follow , but the SPE and Ultra stay put! ...unless i touch the vfo and move a few kcs..

Only change im aware of with my new install of LOG4OM , is that I noticed Omnirig had a IC7600 V2 included..my former omni only had IC7600.
Could it be that the modified omni is missing some data as to not control my remote jack?

Any advice appreciated ... and im sorry for the long winded essay. How else do you explain this issue.

Basically my remote jack data is weird...hit and miss..normally a miss unless forced by the hand to make a move.
looking forward to advice or similar issue.

have a safe 2020..

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