Unable to download logs from eqsl - 404 error

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Re: Unable to download logs from eqsl - 404 error

Post by DougG4DZU » 24 Oct 2019, 12:30


As everyone else who has had problems, my eQSL, with multiple callsigns, is now downloading to LOG4OM now.

I did report my problem to eQSL, as what was happening wasn't making sense to me. After email ping pong, we agreed I was going to experiment further.

This morning I had another email from eQSL support which explains everything

Correction ......

If you could upload your QSO's but not synch your logger with confirmed QSO's, it was certainly related to the issue we had with the server migration, october 22

It is fixed now, try again

404 error, your logger, like many others did not read the hyperlink in the result page, but instead had the URL hard coded....and the URL had changed with the server migration"

Thanks to everyone for providing guidance.

Best 73s

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