eQSL Graphic not available issue

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eQSL Graphic not available issue

Post by IW3HMH » 04 Nov 2019, 19:08

It may happen that, while downloading images from eQSL, the system cannot download some of them.
The anomaly seems to be due to the fact that some users have used "special" layouts, enabled only to active eQSL donors, and that they have subsequently lost the status of eQSL supporter.
In this case, eQSL returns an error: ERROR: eQSL Graphic not available - Contact the Sender of this eQSL that you can view in the PROGRAM LOG.

What happens:
Log4OM, when downloading images in a certain period of time, checks if the image is already available. If the image is not available, tries to download it.

If you have already downloaded all the eQSLs of the last 6 months, and out of 1000 images 10 had this problem, the next time you download the images for the same period (that makes no sense but...), Log4OM will find 990 images in the archive and tries to recover only the 10 missing images, that won't be downloaded again due to the same problem. All images (10) will fail to download leading you to think that this is a Log4OM malfunction.

It's not, in that case, it's how Log4OM works and how it tries to prevent overloading eQSL website and speed up your work.
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH

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