HotKey issue

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HotKey issue

Post by kd0zv » 22 Dec 2019, 22:01

I have a 3rd party app that I use with my Flex 6000 series.

One of the features of the app is the ability to add some Global Hotkeys for various rig functions. I have a stream deck connected to the PC and it allows me to have 32 buttons for rig control.

Anyway, it works perfect and I can click on any other program and it continues to work. As soon as I give Log4OM focus it stops working and I have to click SmartSDR again to get it to work. I have not found any of my other ham apps that cause issues.

Any reason that Log4om would break global focus for this app?
Log4OM Version 2.3.0
Windows 10/64
Flex 6600 via OmniRig
CW Skimmer localhost

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