My radio won’t connect with CAT control – Why?

Please read here before asking
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My radio won’t connect with CAT control – Why?

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This is impossible to answer because there is not enough information!

Imaging what a garage would say if you said to them my car doesn’t work!


You called your doctor and you just said I am ill, whats wrong with me?

They would need much more information to be able to make a diagnosis over the phone.

The basic information we require to assist a user is as follows:
1. Has the radio ever worked with any other software for CAT control?
2. Is any other program running that uses CAT control at the same time as Log4OM?
3. What is the make and model of the radio?
4. Exact version numbers of Log4OM, Omnirig and any other software involved – Its not good enough to say ‘The latest version’
5. What connecting interface cable are you using to connect the radio to the computer?
6. Describe exactly what does not work, no frequency and mode in Log4OM, Log4om does not follow tuning of the radio, cluster issues etc etc etc – details are important!
7. What connecting system are you trying to use, Hamlib, Omnirig, TCI etc?
8. If using Omnirig which version, the original Afreet version or the Swiss version?
9. Did you install the Icom, Yaesu or Kenwood dedicated USB drivers as instructed in your radios user guide?
10. Are you certain that the com port and baud rate settings are the same in Log4OM as selected in the Radio’s menu system?
11. Are you trying to connect to the radio from a remote location or via a network?

This information will of necessity raise other questions but please note its very hard to resolve CAT issues by using Teamviewer because we cant access the radio or its menus so please don’t ask?
73 Terry G4POP