CAT - Cluster to rig VFO frequency

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CAT - Cluster to rig VFO frequency

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When clicking on a station in the cluster window to get the frequency across CAT to the rig, the rig sometimes don't change the frequency accurately. This happens mostly when there is decimals (Hertz) included in the frequency in the cluster. Most of the time, the frequency sent to the rig is about 750 Hz up or down in the relation to the cluster frequency. The rig is a TS-890. Not sure if this can be corrected with a VFO offset, because on frequencies without decimal values, the frequency comes across to the rig correctly.

Anyone see this before?


1. DX stations local time displayed in the station information window.
2. The cluster screen scrolls pretty wildly when the cluster is busy. Looks like it jumps down to the selected station, then back to the top. Not sure if there is a fix.
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