Keyer interface window

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Keyer interface window

Post by ei6kw »

Hi to all,
I'm wondering about the point of keeping a separate window for the Keyer interface. What we have there now is mostly the same and doubled data, maps, etc. from the main window. IMHO downloading, displaying and refreshing the same data in two separate windows is unnecessary and must eat up a lot of computer resources.
I know it can be not easy to change and code, but I humbly suggest removing the Keyer interface window and moving cw-related functions to the main window or to the Settings menu.
All above if my point o f view is accurate, ofc.
de EI6KW, Slav
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Re: Keyer interface window

Post by dk7sm »

Dear EI6KW,
(tagging also @IW3HMH here)

I found your post via search because I see same chance for improving the usability.

Also in my opinion having an additional keyer interface is way too complicated to manage - especially as both windoes are not fully in sync.
I would love to have one unified UI, which combines both functionaloties: behave like the current main window, in case the keyer interface is not activated. After activating the keyer interface it would be great that the function keys are maintly controlling the keyer (picking pre-definened messages) - remaining window control to be done via CTRL + Fx combinations.

Hope this suggestion will find it´s way into backlog of development.

Best 73 de
Michael, DK7SM
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