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Developers Message

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We welcome users requests for features and ideas and most of the time, if it’s something of general interest, we will endeavour to add it, Log4OM was built on ideas from our users.

While we understand that everyone has their own favourite requirement or preferred features, we cannot implement everything requested.

Most times our users are understanding and patient, if not a little dissapointed! but in some cases they become very belligerent and antagonistic and make threats of dire retribution if we don’t add their favourite ‘Left-handed widget’ immediately if not sooner!

Occasionally they go to extremes and make outlandish statements on the internet about what a useless program Log4OM is or threaten to publish videos and circulate clubs and organisations with their propaganda.

Additionally, we occasionally have users that have difficulty setting up Log4OM, mainly because they failed to follow the instructions in our user guides and YouTube tutorials, but without asking for assistance on our forum, Facebook pages, Discord or contacting Lele or me directly they proceed to publish bad reviews.

We and our core team of testers do this for the benefit of all radio amateurs but some users behave as if we had charged huge amounts of money for the software and have inflated expectations of what they are ‘entitled to’.

Clearly this upsets us greatly having spent the last 12 years developing the program and supporting our users, today Lele commented “sometimes I think I should quit” and I must say I also wonder why we bother!

There is an old saying which is “If you can’t say anything good, then don’t say anything at all” please just pause for thought before trying to damage the reputation of Log4OM on the internet and consider all the things it does well and at no cost to the user!
73 Terry G4POP