Label printing "QSL via..."

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Label printing "QSL via..."

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Dear fellow hams,
for sending QSL cards, I am using the "Label print" option. The station call that you have worked comes out bold and with a larger font on the first line on the label. This is fine for most QSO's. However, when the card need to be send to a QSL card manager, I am using the "QSL via" option. The call sign "via" is not printed bold and almost at the bottom of the label.

My QSL manager asked me to print the call sign where to send the card to in bold and in a large font. If this is the QSL manager then this sould also be the case. (the QSL buro is handeling thousands of cards and focussing on the bold printed call sign).

Is it possible to reconfigure the label layout, like the position "QSL VIA ......" (my preference would be at the first line) and printed in a bold font?

73, Nico PA3ADU
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Re: Label printing "QSL via..."

Post by CT1BXX »

Hello Nico,

Very interesting your idea. :)
I do agree with you. It should have more enhancement when using a "via Manager"

This post should be posted within " "Feature Suggestions".

Have a mice weekend.
73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX
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Re: Label printing "QSL via..."

Post by KI5IO »

FYI - Topic moved to Feature Suggestions.
73 - Nolan Kienitz - KI5IO
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Re: Label printing "QSL via..."

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Re: Label printing "QSL via..."

Post by IW3HMH »

labelPrinted.png (10.61 KiB) Viewed 15 times
I've added an way to print label like this (should be selected on print options)
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH
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