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This weekend, while showing Log4om to a colleague, I was confronted with a question that seems interesting to me.

I showed the representation of the stations on the "QSO map", but he saw that it only showed the Locators, so he asked about the possibility of presenting the DXCC.
According to him, in the log he uses he can do this, choose the type of sampling: the locator or the DXCC or the Iota.
After this exchange of ideas with him, I have to agree that it would be really nice to have that possibility. Personally I don't even ask for IOTA , but for DXCC it would be of great value.

You could argue that the fact that we have the locators, we have the implicit DXCC. Yes, it's true, but the number of locators represented ends up making it difficult to achieve what is intended: only one view of DXCC, on the other hand it would be desirable to have a map with borders, or sampling prefixes.

I leave the idea with you for analysis.
73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX
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