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Problem uploading to LoTW

Posted: 10 Apr 2022, 18:50
by W3BI
I just got a new TQ6 and updated LoTW to latest. Log4OM ver.

Running QSL to LoTW results in an error showing that there is a difference between the QSL and my program.
If I read it right it shows that CNTY is USA. I went into Settings and changed that and saved it. Didn't help.

If I click ignore and re-run I get ! Operation completed with errors. Not uploading any and it shows 50 available after trying to upload.

Up to this LoTW update all was working perfectly.

Is this from Log4OM or LoTW?
Where do I go to correct the error? Is it the QSO?
I have stage 3 Parkinson's and find it very difficult to troubleshoot. Would appreciate any help to get this LoTW fixed
Arrl suggests joining this support.

73, Rick W3BI

Re: Problem uploading to LoTW

Posted: 10 Apr 2022, 22:13
by G4POP
Times move on and as version 1 is no longer supported you will find these issues more often

Also your not using the latest release of version 1 its 1.41 available here

Re: Problem uploading to LoTW

Posted: 11 Apr 2022, 11:22
by W3BI
Times move on with my Parkinson's disease too. Stage 3 at present and I'm not able to do the things that used to come easy to me.
I guess I'll just delete the program.
It worked extremely well up until the LotW update.