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Download from eQSL

Posted: 30 Jul 2023, 16:32
by EI5KI
I have managed to successfully download confirmations from LoTW to my Log4OM. But, when I try to do the same for eQSL it connects to eQSL but can't find any records to download. My guess is that this is because I have sorted all my eQSL responses on the eQSL site and archived all the confirmed QSO's.

I have generated and downloaded an ADIF file from the eQSL archive folder - could I import this into Log4OM using the import ADIF function in Log4OM? I don't want to just do it in case I overwrite or otherwise mess up my log. As far as I can see what the download process does in QSL manager is to generate an ADIF to be incorporated in the Log.

Thanks for any advice.


Paul EI5KI

Re: Download from eQSL

Posted: 30 Jul 2023, 17:24
by G4POP
No that won't work,

Something is wrong with your equal config settings in log4om probably an incorrect rect nickname, once that's fixed the Download will work using an earlier start date

Re: Download from eQSL

Posted: 31 Jul 2023, 09:06
by EI5KI
Thanks Terry. It was indeed a problem with the nickname setting. Log4OM requires the field to be filled, eQSL doesn't seem to, but they have to match. Once I had matching nicknames in both places the download worked. :)

73, Paul EI5KI