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Log4OM communicator

Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 20:07
by hfsparks
Dear friends,

First of all a very healthy and a prosperous 2018 to all and family.

Then my problem, when i run Log4om together with wsjt-x and JT-alert all works fine at first.
But recently the Log4om communicator got automatically switched off after logging a QSO.
I have to manually switch the communicator on again after each qso otherwise i got an error "not logged".
What could be the problem here?

Gerrit PA3DJY

Re: Log4OM communicator

Posted: 18 Jan 2018, 12:27
by DF5WW
If you see the red STOP button communicator is running. Looks like yo lost the
connections to the radio. Did you use Hamlib or Omnirig for CAT ?

If Omnirig start Log4OM first, then start WSJT-X and in the settings set the Radio to Omnirig
so you will have CAT for both programs.

How do you log to Log4OM ? Via JTalert ? Are the UDP in Communicator and in JTalert are
the same ? If not set both to the same UDP Port. You can find the used Port in the Communicator
in Settings/Inbound Settings. On my end it is 2236 and my Port settings in JTalert are 2236 too.

UDP in WSJT-X is different (2237) but that´s o.k..

;) ;)

Re: Log4OM communicator

Posted: 19 Jan 2018, 18:21
by hfsparks
Hello Juergen,

Thanks for your reply.
These are your answers to your questions:
1. I use OMNIRIG as CAT.
2. I start Log4OM First, then Wsjt-x and then JT-Alert.
3. I log via JT-Alert.

There is a strange thing happening. When i start, the info in de communicator for band and mode is correct.
After logging the first QSO, the communicator stops working and i have to switch it on again manually.
If i change band the info is not updated in the communicator screen.
If i change band, the band and mode info in Log4OM (top) is correct, the wsjt-x QRG is ok and also JT-Alert band info is ok.
If i manually switch the communicator on after a band switch (e.g. to 15 USB), the old info from the startposition is presented
(e.g. 30 USB) in communicator screen, but the new QSO info for a logged contact is correct in Log4OM.

Can you still follow me? :-)

I added the screendumps in the attachments.


Re: Log4OM communicator

Posted: 19 Jan 2018, 18:26
by hfsparks
Adding Omnirig screenshot

Re: Log4OM communicator

Posted: 23 Jan 2018, 11:58
by DF5WW
Hi Gerrit,

no idea what´s wrong at your side .... a few questions more.

1.) Have you installed Log4OM with administrator privileges ?
That means that you klick with the right mousekey at the setupfile and in
the dropdown you use "Run as Adminitrator"

2.) Same with Omnirig and

3.) same with WSJT-X / JTDX too

Not needed for the JTalert installation .....

B.t.w. It´s not needed to check all 3 UDP Boxes in JTDX / WSJT-X settings.
On my end i have only "Accept UDP requests" enabled and that works fine for me.

;) ;)

Re: Log4OM communicator

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 11:19
by hfsparks
Good day Dr. Juergen,

I have checked all as you mentioned.
All running with administrator rights but no solution.
Guess i have to re-install all programs and try from bottom up.
Pitty because all works well xmt that the Log4OM communicator stops working after logging each QSO.

Anyway many thanks for your effort to help me.

Cu and 73's
Gerrit PA3DJY

Re: Log4OM communicator

Posted: 29 Jan 2018, 16:47
Can you send me a communicator log after the issue has been occurred?
from Log4OM -> help -> create support request

then send the produced ZIP file to me at iw3hmh (at)