Happy new Year and Log4OM 1.24 release

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Happy new Year and Log4OM 1.24 release

Post by IW3HMH » 23 Dec 2015, 14:16

The year is about to end.
Let me take this moment to thank all of you who used Log4OM daily for satisfaction and for the support you gave me in this year.
In particular, however, I would like to thank especially the people who have helped me most during this year and throughout the history of this software.
Thanks Terry, Chuck, Doug Claus, Rolf, and Peter. Thanks to all the beta testers and thanks to all those who keep alive the Log4OM forum in the way that we like the most, helping and growing together.

For those who live it, Merry Christmas. For those who do not have this day in their lands and in their traditions and to everyone a good end of 2015, a fantastic 2016 full of success and … why not … a great amount of DX’s!

Release notes Version 1.24.0

New features
• Webpage/CSV automatic generation for local or external websites with FTP upload capabilities (in SETTINGS – WEBPAGE screen)
• Support for QRZCQ information provider [QRZCQ XML subscribers only]lookup and web page display
• Add spot information to alert sent by email/push/popup
• Support request now includes communicator log
• Configuration backup is now in ZIP format
• Added the ability to use regular expressions to check SPOT information in ALERT
• Log4om now closes automatically when windows is shut down.

Resolved issues and optimizations

• Fixed random appearance of the HRDLOG spot window
• Fixed incorrect spacing in address when information is shown on data grid
• Optimization of RST value load time
• Fixed SOTA spots reported by SMS not visualized issue
• Fixed incorrect Clublog upload status
• Email alert will be resend on new SPOT only if previous alert is older than 30 minutes
• Data visualization in statistics now sets colours correctly
• Script error on internal browser resolved
• Updates some titles to more accurately reflect function – e.g Cluster highlights
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH