Reject and time order spots from DX Cluster

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Reject and time order spots from DX Cluster

Post by KA4CDN » 21 Apr 2017, 12:32

Suggest that when passing spots received from a DX cluster connection you disregard any > 24 old and only process the most recent. Currently it appears that all are processed as if they are 'today' and since you only display a time stamp on your view controls, a user doesn't know that a given spot might be very old. Further more, an old spot may get displayed instead of a recent on because that is the last sent but the cluster.

Example: If I send to my cluster:

sh/mydx jw2us

I get back:

14032.0 JW2US 21-Apr-2017 1132Z up 1 <N4MM>
14040.1 JW2US 10-Apr-2017 1702Z QSX 14041.10 CW <K1DJ>
14025.0 JW2US 10-Apr-2017 1701Z CQ No takers <W1JR>
14040.0 JW2US 20-Feb-2017 1329Z <WA3C>
14036.0 JW2US 12-Feb-2017 1338Z QSX North America only up 1 <W3UR>
14036.0 JW2US 12-Feb-2017 1337Z listen for North America <W3UR>
14036.0 JW2US 12-Feb-2017 1336Z QSX up 1 North America <W3UR>
14036.0 JW2US 12-Feb-2017 1334Z QSX 14036.97 IOTA EU-063 <W3UR>
14035.9 JW2US 12-Feb-2017 1333Z QSX up 1 <W3UR>
14040.0 JW2US 31-Jan-2017 1250Z up 1 <W4QN>

Now looking at the DX Spots (F2) window I get bad data. JW2US is showing the last report returned by the cluster (not the last based on time stamp) which is very old and not today's spot which is very recent.
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