Something more for YL's - Log4YL and Awards

Your ideas for making Log4OM even better.
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Something more for YL's - Log4YL and Awards

Post by G5YL » 29 Oct 2019, 10:18

Hi folks,

Just a general open discussion for ideas really for future feature suggestions which encourage more YL's to be on board not only with Log4OM but also more YL's on the air.

But first, REMEMBER that the team are fully focused on completing and launching V2, their main priority. I asked the team whether it would be a good idea when creating Log4OM, that the team simply does a copy and make Log4YL as a sister program. This could be placed as a download on the Log4OM website for YL's.

It is pretty ironic that the best free logger I have ever used is Log4OM, but as a YL, the name is offputting, but it doesn't stop me use what is a fantastic program..!! I love it, and it saves me $99 dollars a year which I will donate when I have some money to log4om.

The problem as Terry G4POP puts it in an email to me, is that "It's not purely a name change, it would entail a considerable amount of re-coding within the program and of course additional web server costs to duplicate the online presence for Log4YL, not to mention a re-write of the user manual and a completely new set of YouTube tutorials to be produced. Additionally all of the external services we integrate with e.g. Clublog, eQSL, HamQTH, HRDLog, LOTW etc, require any software that interrogates or writes to their sites to identify themselves with the program name, this alone entails a huge amount of work to duplicate everything as Log4YL."

This is a seriously large undertaking for the team who put in a log of time, and I certainly don't have the skills to offer.

However, a good idea suggested was to start incorporating awards for working YL's and finding ways to encourage more YL's on the air, for working as many YL's as possible around the world and gaining recognition in this way.

I am a committee member for BYLARA an organisation for YL's in the UK. We celebrated 40 years this year and developed a small award scheme, for working GB40BYL as many times, and also working other YL's etc. I'm sure there are more awards to develop, but I really dont know how it would work under log4om's award databases and how these awards would be managed.

You ideas would be most welcomed for future features beyond V2 of log4om

Kind regards, 73, 88,

Krystyna G5YL
Publicity Officer for BYLARA

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