Log4OM 1.12.1 released

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Log4OM 1.12.1 released

Post by IW3HMH » 11 May 2013, 20:12

New features

- Added user selection of KM or Miles - Set the default required in Options/Settings 1 menu - Also can be changed at runtime by clicking the box adjascent to the distance and bearing above the small DX Cluster.
- Added the ability to set the TX output power of the operator’s station while logging a QSO.
- Added to the archive manager a select all button to select all currently displayed filtered entries.
- Extra standard filters added to the DX clusters
- New frequency control display.
- Ability to start external programs before and after the initialization of Log4OM with time delays -Options/Settings 2 menu (More options to follow)
- Cluster colors can now be user defined to display worked and confirmed status for country, band , mode & Call sig - Options/CAT & Cluster Menu.
- Cluster worked/confirmed status by Country, Band, Mode & Call sign can now additionally be filtered by Country, QSL, eQSL, LOTW and LOTW+QSL. - In Cluster sidebar.
- Cluster highlight colour of special filters and most wanted can now be user defined - Options/CAT & Cluster Menu.
- Added ‘Un-worked mode on spot or band’ cluster filter - Cluster window sidebar.
- New Log4OM Communicator added for interfacing external software by any data protocol.
- New Webcam support for HRDLog.net - Communicator window.
- Added a realtime program log to the help menu
- Added the Clublog most wanted ranking into the cluster windows.
- Net Control Enhancements:
- Added a default RST sent and received value according to mode.
- Added a comments entry field in the main window that gets saved to the comments field in the log and is retrieved when the member calls into the next net.
- Added a QTH field in the edit window that saves to the log and retrieves from a previous contact in the log.
- Added counters to show - Current active members & Total active members in the current net.
- Added Net Control feature for NCS operations


- Stroked calls with the home call being less than 5 characters and the prefix following the home call now resolve properly. Example: K7PT/KH2 now resolves correctly.
- Awards - Changed title RTTY to Digital
- Some fixed paths on portable version caused issues when working with hamlib, labels and so on. Paths now changed and other paths are user definable.
- Imported ADIF files not containing a ‘Prefix’ are now updated automatically during the import.
- In some situations the frequency of a QSO was not being saved, this is now fixed
- Mode is now changed when clicking a cluster spot even if a radio is not connected via CAT.
- In the new QSO screen the lock button now also locks the frequency field, mode and band to avoid the frequency reverting to zero when a QSO is logged without a rig connected
- Renamed cluster column ‘Mode’ (Was category)
- Cluster columns size is now editable and persistant when program is restarted.
- Support for MySql databases under Linux issues now resolved.
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