CAT: Choice of CW sideband

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CAT: Choice of CW sideband

Post by kd7mw » 23 Feb 2018, 22:43

I have an Icom 7300. Double clicking on a CW DX spot in Log4OM switches the mode to CW-R instead of CW. It appears that Log4OM assumes CW on upper sideband is "normal" and on lower sideband is "reversed." But which sideband is normal depends on the rig, and on the operator's preference. For the 7300 (and for me), CW on LSB is normal.

I figured out a simple fix, and I'm sure others have, too: Swap the three lines labeled Command, ReplyLength, Validate strings for the CW_U and CW_L commands in OmniRig's [rigname].ini file. Some hams will be comfortable doing this, and some won't. And now OmniRig has things backwards. So if you use other software that talks to the radio through OmniRig, it will get things backwards as well.

It would be very nice if there was a checkbox or radio buttons that allowed the user to set the sideband to which he or she prefers CW to default.

--Peter, KD7MW

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Re: CAT: Choice of CW sideband

Post by KI5IO » 24 Feb 2018, 00:53

Adjusting the OmniRig ini file for cw- or cw+ is not uncommon. I had to do it for my K3 as well.

It boils down to interpretation, I believe, and varies between rig manufacturer and the OmniRig developer. Other ini files for the Icoms may already have those changes made.
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