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Please read here before asking
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Before you Post

Post by NN7D » 01 Feb 2020, 02:03

Before you post with a support or error issue - have you read the Users Guide and watched the relevant videos which relate to your issue?

If the above resources do not answer your questions, please read and follow these Guidelines:

Please Include the following information with your post:
1. Version of Log4OM you are running.
2. Version of Windows OS.
3. If CAT related, include the make & model of your rig..
4. Any other programs integrating with Log4OM which you are running and their version #.
5. Steps to replicate the issue.
6. Screen shots of the applicable settings in Log4OM and in any other integrated programs involved in the issue.
7. If possible, open the Realtime log, then duplicate the issue. Then save the log file. Do not post the log to this forum, as it could contain user names and passwords for online services. We may ask for it by email as a followup.
8. If the issue involves cluster(s) or spots, include the name of the cluster(s) being used and how you are connected, direct or through CC User, etc.

After writing your post, and before posting, please read it over from the prospective of someone else. Does it make sense? Could another person understand what you are trying to convey? Does it clearly describe the issue?

Thanks for you help!
Your Log4OM Development Team