Why don't you .......?

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Why don't you .......?

Post by G4POP » 19 Feb 2013, 19:18

Why don't you have ??????

This is a question that I am often asked by users and potential users, "Why don't you include a CAT management system, satellite program, data program, RTTY, mapping software etc etc etc......."

The simple answer is if we tried to include everything we would need lots of different hardware for testing and also the expertise in each discipline!

Each type of program requires a specialised knowledge that usually takes years to learn and implement. Trying to develop a top quality piece of software without that experience is a road to disaster. In the end you have a program or a suite of program's that tries to be a Swiss Army knife for amateur radio but does not do anything terribly well!

Developing a multipurpose program or suite of program's, inevitably generates a hugely complex program that is not only almost impossible to keep under control but fixing bugs becomes a nightmare. Imagine trying to troubleshoot an issue in a program that is perhaps 100 Mb in size and includes tens of millions of lines of code, its a bit like trying to find a particular John Smith in England!

Log4OM is a specialist logbook because this is what Daniele, our programmer does exceptionally well due to his commercial background, so we strive to provide top quality data management and highly refined logbook services like call lookups, awards tracking and DX cluster displays that are world beating.

Our philosophy is to integrate Log4OM with the most efficient, and well proven, program's in each of the other disciplines by providing the necessary communications to these external software packages. We already connect to Omnirig and Hamlib for CAT control, PSTRotator for first class rotator control, Fldigi and other program's.

In coming months Log4OM will integrate with additional data program's like MixW, the top SDR software and leading Satellite trackers. In time any software that employs modern Interprocess communication like TCP & UDP Broadcast etc. will immediately be able to listen to and talk to Log4OM.

So "Why don't we......" Because we are determined to be the top logbook program and we will connect all of the other component parts of amateur radio together like a jigsaw puzzle.

73 Terry G4POP