Fldigi strangness

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Fldigi strangness

Post by n5atm » 15 Jul 2015, 18:12

Hello all,

I am new to Log4OM and still learning but I have noticed some strange behavior with the interaction with log4om and Fldigi.

My setup is as follows...

Flex 6500
SmartSDR - Latest version
Flex ComCAT - Latest version
DDutil - v3 (provide multiple comports to access the radio)
Omni-Rig - Latest version
Flidigi - Latest version
Log4OM - Latest version

Everything works fine with no problems except that when Log4om and Fldigi are both running, Log4OM changes the mode in Fldigi from DigiU to SSB. Even after I change it back to DigiU it will change it again. The mode on the radio does not change, just the mode in the drop down in Fldigi.

I thought perhaps it was just something within Fldigi so I started the apps in this order to see what was causing the issue...

ComCat - SmartSDR (in DigiU mode) - DDutil - Omni-Rig - Fldigi. Everything works as explected with or without ddutil or Omni-Rig running. But when Log4OM is run, the mode changes in Fldigi, so it is deffinately Log4OM making the change. I turned off "cat on startup" and the change didn't occur. Anyone else experience this?

Vince N5ATM

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Re: Fldigi strangness

Post by VK7XX » 16 Jul 2015, 21:20

Vince, when you change the mode in Log4om, before doing so are you clicking on the padlock icon ?? If not, click the padlock icon, which will change the mode area to an orange colour, this 'locks' the mode, then select the mode you require.


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Re: Fldigi strangness

Post by G3ZSS » 23 Jul 2015, 22:07

I have a very similar setup here. Only difference is I use the Flex 6700.
This is the setup I have in Fldigi.
g3zss fldigi config.PNG
g3zss fldigi config.PNG (57.06 KiB) Viewed 1857 times
In SmartSDR CAT, I have setup a dedicated Virtual Serial Port on Com 7.
This way Fldigi is talking directly to the 6700 and not to Log4OM. My Log4OM is setup exactly as in the manual for inter-working with Fldigi. So when I save a QSO in Fldigi it gets automatically appended to the Log4OM log.
One thing to note is you have to start the SDR software before Fldigi.
Hope this helps?
73 Peter G3ZSS
73 Peter G3ZSS

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