Log4OM and CW Skimmer used together

Regarding connecting to external program's.
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Re: Log4OM and CW Skimmer used together

Post by G4POP » 17 Aug 2015, 18:24

As both Peter and I have stated cwskimmer, bandmaster and Log4om all work fine with Omnirig!

Have you tried starting Log4om before the other programs are started and also after?

I daily run CWSkimmer, Bandmaster, Log4om and SDR-Radio consul all using Omnirig at the same time on Windows 10 so your problem has to be something local on your machine.

Have you tried turning off firewalls, anti virus software and UAC to check if something is blocking

Are you running Log4OM as an administrator

Have you tried the same set up on another computer
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: Log4OM and CW Skimmer used together

Post by K3WKM » 17 Aug 2015, 20:13

Thanks Terry...I have tried all of ur suggestions except for running it on another PC

I'll try that approach.....if it works I'll let u know..



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Re: Log4OM and CW Skimmer used together

Post by VE4DXR » 27 Mar 2016, 14:55

All applications must be strated in administration mode or all In regular mode. 73. Lee VE4DXR

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