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Re: Fldigi "QSY" button won't work w/Log4OM

Posted: 26 Aug 2018, 05:34
by kd7mw
I tried both Mike W9MDB's method, and IZ3XNJ's modification with the current hamlib bin files copied to Log4OM's AppData. Both work! It's very nice to have the QSY button working in fldigi. And to have frequency changes take effect everywhere, regardless of whether they were performed in Log4OM, in fldigi, or via the radio tuning dial.

Flrig MUST be started first. You can configure flrig to start up in fldigi--remember to both configure its path and enable it in the Autostart tab, and also enable it in the Rig/flrig tab. If I'm operating CW or SSB and don't want to bother with fldigi, I can just start flrig manually.

There are a few quirks:

- I can't find a check box that says "Connect to active daemon," but everything appears to work.

- I must explicitly start rigctrld with the -m 4 parameter in Log4OM's Options/Settings 2 tab. This is so even after copying the latest HamLib bin files to c:\users\MyName\appdata\roaming\LogOM\hamlib.

- Log4OM displays PKT (Packet) when my IC-7300 in set to USB-D mode, which is the correct mode for most digital operation. However, the log data fldigi delivers to Log4OM shows the correct mode as set in Fldigi.

- My virus checker (Trend Officescan) wouldn't let me run the latest hamlib rigctld.exe until I added an exception for it. I'm not sure if this is because it came from SourceForge, or because it doesn't have that expensive digital signature. Either way, that can trip you up if you're not aware of it.

I hope all this is useful. 73!
--Peter, KD7MW

Re: Fldigi "QSY" button won't work w/Log4OM

Posted: 01 Sep 2018, 02:32
by kd7mw
There is one additional problem: flrig doesn't understand that I've switched from VFO A to B when I do it with the IC 7300's buttons; only when I do it with flrig's onscreen VFO buttons. So the frequency is correct, but which VFO I'm using may not be. This led to something being logged on the wrong band.

Evidently this is a limitation of the Icom command set. There's no way for flrig to determine which VFO you are using unless it (flrig) is the one that did the switching. So the "workaround" is to only use flrig to switch VFOs, not the radio's buttons, or to synch them up manually by toggling the VFOs back and forth in fldigi. That's a pain. I like to use my radio's buttons and knobs.

Actually, Log4OM has the same problem. It doesn't know which of my Icom 7300's VFOs is the active one if I select them with the radio's buttons. But with the flrig method of integrating with Log4OM, I actually had a contact logged on the wrong band when the two VFOs were set to different bands (not working split). With the "official" Log4OM method, I don't think I've ever logged the wrong band--although I did once have the same QSO logged twice, once for each VFO. I have no idea how that happened.

--Peter, KD7MW