How to enter “SIG” and “SIG info” in V2?

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How to enter “SIG” and “SIG info” in V2?

Post by VE1GPY » 18 Jan 2020, 23:50

In V1.4 I used "SIG" and "SIG Info" to log POTA information. SIG=”POTA”, Sig Info=”the Park ID”. In V2, I can’t see a place to enter SIG/SIG Info when a new QSO is logged or when a QSO is updated.

I edited the table layout for "recent QSO's" to add SIG and SIG info columns and can see the information for older QSOs I logged in V1.4 but can't enter it for new QSOs.

Am I missing something simple? Loving V2 so far!! Well done!

Sheldon, VE1GPY

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Re: How to enter “SIG” and “SIG info” in V2?

Post by kc2bpp » 27 Jan 2020, 04:17

I see there is still no info for the SIG info. Hopefully they will give us that feature back. I also use that for my POTA Logging. I'm still using V1 because it makes my logging much easier. :(

Harold B

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Re: How to enter “SIG” and “SIG info” in V2?

Post by G4POP » 27 Jan 2020, 08:35

I have added this request to mantis list but of course you could....

1. Either add POTA, or any other award, to our awards using the awards manager. If you can supply a POTA list we could add it for you!
2. Add another 'Contact associations' entry for POTA

I did request a POTA list some time back but the only reply I had was that they use the WWFF list but this did not seem right?
73 Terry G4POP

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